About us

My name is Shane Stevens and I am the owner, technician, web designer, and well…everything else to Stevens Computer Services. I found out when I got out of school to be a Network Specialist, that there were a lot of people out there who were in need of varying types of computer work. Whether it be a computer jam-packed with spyware and unnecessary files, or a business looking for backup solutions and web sites.

I have always believed in helping people and going the extra mile to please the customer. In this line of work, you had better develop some people skills because nobody calls you for help when everything is all right. It is usually when they are in the middle of something that had to be done yesterday and they have no time to waste. I am pleased to say, that almost all of my business has come from “word of mouth” so I must be doing something right. I would like the opportunity to earn your business. Please contact me for a free quote.